That's what i'm TALKING ABOUT

Lots to accomplish gotta profitless passion and a passionless profit
But after chatting with inanimate objects it's unanimous I'm the best on the planet no contest

Your mom says the same, your pops says I'm insane the cops want me detained to blame for everything

In the rain state with some propane and a flame I came to entertain and that can be arranged

With the fourth gear bounce I foresee it now
Sheer prowess here's how it's going down

In the eighth aisle next to a pile of biological styles sits a vial of vile idolized by a child who picks it up throws it out of a bus and that's us

Shattered, splattered on the asphalt transform into what you'd probably see on bathsalts

Frazzled, two birds fall hit a glass wall

What is it what is it that you wish that you wish for?
Not a lot not a lot just a bit more?
The big break the big score? Yeah that's what I'm talking about
What is it what is it that you wish that you wish for?
Not a lot not a lot just a bit more? 
The big house with big doors?
Yeah that's what I'm talking about

Maybe I'll meet a good girl at a bad bar meet a bad girl at a good one
Folks want me on tracks like NASCAR, yeah I gotta lotta drive but I could run

Hoodlum in a hoody hood up up to no good stuff
Never listened to wisdom when I should've

But look at me now putting my foot down clown with the crookedest smile wow

I know you want your money longer don't make sense (cents) you make dollars,
Can't tell you nada just nod when they see the amount
Yeeeeeah that's what I'm talking bout

I gotta, get the ciabatta with my Armada then bounce aaaaaand
Probably buy my mom a house
Yeeeeah that's what I'm talking bout

The world is my oyster, so if I want the pearl it's not selfish it's shellfish
Top shelf rhymes sell to the wealth-less

spread that health to the helpless help them
Caught a train to hell and the seats were red velvet when I came back my mind was all melted

But I held the fire from the smelters and pressed it into something angelic evangelists are jealous

I wanna act wanna meet an actress want a story so rad they have to reenact it magic but let em have their doubts
Yeeeeeeah that's what I'm talking bout

I want to write a graphic novel that's main protagonist is some kids role model until they idolize a better form of themselves
Yeah that's what I'm talking about

I'll keep spitting til my hearts skippin keep picking til my fingers are ridden with arthritis

Right is wrong I keep that in mind when I write a song on the road to riches and it's alright if you ride along

Conquer like Khan til I'm king like Kong sing like John Lennon hold my lemons til the limelight dawns

If y'all are knights why you fight like pawns I got the touch like Fonz bring it on bring an army

you're gonna need it I'm a lover but I'll fight anybody in the way of my achievements I mean it long as my hearts beating I got dreams that I gotta reach and if you're with me scream it

(That's What I'm talking bout!)
Yeah that's what I'm talking about! (x4)