There's a feeling in the air I can't describe
There's a certain truth to life I can't deny
In the night put your hand upon my mind and somewhere deep inside you'll find some light

You can have it if you need it but just know
You don't need me you can make it on your own
But the road it gets harder as it goes and you don't have to be alone

Where you go
May the light be where you are, OverGlow
Where you go
I'll be right there where you are

Could it be I'm just a piece in the machine?
Going under when I flow against the stream
In my dreams, I am shooting laser beams at the hauntings, watching, they want things I won't give

Up is where I'm going will you come?
Do the things we dreamt about when we were young
Gotta run from the illusion that we're stuck gotta jump we'll be fine when it's all said and done


And in the end, if what you thought was real is really just pretend, can you start again? Or does it depend?

People looking for meaning, reasons
Ooh people change like the seasons we can
Show them all, who we are, superstars, do the cards

Say what you wanted is this life, what you thought it was
At the start, does your heart, beat the same? Freeze the frame

Regain the hope
Refrain from getting low
Remember letting go
Rejoice at the goal line

And if you ever lose your light
If the sun refused to shine
I'll be right on time