Home Alone

I am what I need to be
I am whatever whoever I need, needs me to be

I could further free the free or unleash a disease
Burn or save the trees earn and pay the fees
Take and make a thief pray and take a leap
Save or say the peace
Waiting impatient or patiently waiting for people to stay or leave

Saint or sinner loser, winner I'm making sure to secure my future dinners cause I know  women just want me for my outrageous curvaceous figure

When against the winningest, I'm a swift Rick flair shin kick that's efficient and imminent

Every minute I'm spittin is licked a bit intimate licorice twisted and sick as the Dicken's kids

Not just Oliver all of em
Awesome when audible classy but comical monocle

Typically hospitable me, not difficult
Odd job for the occipital visual
Chop chop make the decision go
Lob rocks with notes into their windows

Mental memento right on schedule right on tempo to the temple and if my time's not now it's eventual tenfold

keep thinking like Butch Cass it's what I'm good at watch the sun dance have a good laugh then I'm back to business

Back to scribbling the writtens that hit em and make opposition fictitious as the simpsons

I'm Drinking OJ  in the morning, mourning, what I've missed when the gloves did not fit, did not fit I had to quit

But that's life, that chick's so imaginative and I'll omit the other comments like an asterisk cause that's a risk

But spot me on the page bottom, got something to say then I'm stage diving to the next chapter the eighth probably

(Rapid fire)
Peasant dressing elegant to address elephants develop an intelligent thesis for no reason move crowds like telekinesis deep as a pelicans beak is when speaking a beacon to the freakish the crack the egg heads needed for centuries and the freezing of self esteem is just a consequence of me and the team eating
Leading was agreed at the team meeting hearts bleeding so the people with hemophobia seem squeamish

(Back to Normal after horns)
Spread it from street to street by feet by boat from to sea to sea and know I really mean

I am what I need to be
I am whatever whoever I need, needs me to be