Here's the thing

My jackets on for the Cold War
Hoping it doesn't heat up
I'd rather chill in the freezer than have a fever
I'd rather stand with life than have to seat her

I'd rather grow my family tree than burn cedar
Certainly the earth needs a hero like Hercules or a mirror

To self reflect all the years of self neglect
We reject many people on their knees screaming feed us we keep eating in the dumpster there's a fetus she's leaving

We've all got demons through heat-seeking you'll meet them
Lines have been drawn and I've been reading in between them

Through the choice of who's to lead us we're choosing who's to defeat us
I question the definition of elite and elitists

Comic relief it seems I hope I never see the killing joke that'll  leave the reaper speechless

Creatures that preach Jesus but do deeds indecent creep in sequence beneath a sheet of secrets

Maybe we might've missed numerous missiles but war's never civil
Scores settled physically rip history

More specifically we put our story in the shredder when we spread ourselves apart via gender and ethnicity moving centrifugally

When we should move together towards the source divided we are disabled united we are a force

But we're forced to forget that, forget that
This is no time to sit back we have to work to get the tipped hats we have to get that

Do you understand?
Understand you better
We fall apart
When we don't stand together

We fall
We fall

Do you understand?
All our hands are tethered
We fall apart, when we don't stand together

We fall
We fall