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In Aisle Eight is a rock fusion band from the Seattle area that is made up of five long-time friends. Tristen, Evan, Jason, Hayden, and Ariel have been making music for years and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. Under their belt, they already have a self-titled studio album, 2 EPs, and 2 singles released. The band is currently writing and producing their 2nd studio album. In Aisle Eight’s projects range from rock, hip-hop, R&B, and alternative. All their music is available for listening on every major streaming platforms.

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Vocals / Piano/ Guitar: Tristen Stone

Tristen Stone is a versatile vocalist/lyricist who combines his smooth singing voice with his ability to twist words in a lyrical and unique style of rapping. He has also trained himself to play piano and guitar by ear.

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Lead Guitar: Jason Abbott

Jason Abbott is a highly skilled guitarist who can improvise and solo like no other. With his knowledge of music theory, Jason creates amazing riffs and chord progressions that will get stuck in any listener's head.  

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Drums: Evan George

Evan George plays the drums for In Aisle Eight. Evan's percussion is the backbone to each song he plays in. He also taught himself how to use Logic Pro in order to produce and engineer a portion of the band’s music such as “Arcade” and “Charade”.

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Rhythm Guitar / Vocals: Ariel DeAnda

Ariel DeAnda prides himself on using guitar tones and effects to create a jaw-dropping ambience that adds atmosphere to each and every song. Also a talented vocalist, Ariel brings an ear-pleasing voice to In Aisle Eight’s music. 

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Bass Guitar: Hayden Lilak

Hayden Lilak originally joined the band in response to a Craigslist ad looking for a bassist...Needless to say, the man fit in perfectly and now plays a key part in the shaping the band’s sound. Hayden has been playing bass since a child and it is apparent when listening to tracks such as "Charade" and "501".